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Free smoke test with every sweep!

 Lighting your stove
Chimney Sweeping
  • Wood burning Stoves

  • Multi-fuel Stoves

  • Open Fires

  • Gas Fires

  • Builders opening

  • Biomass appliances

  • Thatch properties

Moister testing wood
Useful Tools
Service and Maintenance


  • Visual integrity inspection of your appliance

  • Replacement glass fitting

  • Removal and cleaning of the fire bricks, baffle plate, grate and reassembly

  • Where applicable, adjusting and lubricating of moving parts

  • New ropes and seals fitting

Bird's Nest Removal



A bird's nest in your chimney will need to be removed by a professional chimney sweep. If the fire is used the smoke can come back into your room along with carbon monoxide.

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