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Tom’s Chimney Sweep Service would like to reassure customers of the extra precautions taken during Covid-19. Our aim is to reduce the risk of transmission by minimizing our contact within the household.


In light of the recent restrictions, it is possible for us to continue to sweep to ensure your appliance/s are safe for purpose. It is extremely important that we all adhere to the national COVID-19 guidance. Please do contact us if you want to make, postpone or keep your existing appointment. Also contact us if you have a sweep booked and you or a member of your household display symptoms or are asked to self-isolate.


Booking an Appointment:

  • We will ask you to confirm that everyone in your household has been free of Coronavirus symptoms for at least 7 days and that no one is isolating. If this changes, please notify us immediately and we can book you new appointment.


Prior to Arrival:

  • Please ensure that the route to your chimney/fire is clear and that there is adequate space to work (this includes removal of any ashes from stove or fireplace, moving furniture and ornaments)

  • We will phone you on arrival so you can open all the doors to ensure clear route to chimney

  • We will enter the property wearing mask and gloves


During the Sweep:

  • We will ask you to observe physical distancing and remain in another room during sweeping (please have your phone with you)

  • We will issue Certificate as usual - it can be sent electronically or please have your own pen available to sign paperwork

  • Card payments available. Machine will be protected and sanitized for each customer. Cash can be placed in envelope (provided)

  • We will bag up any debris/bird nest and leave in an agreed place for you to dispose of in line with current guidance, e.g. leave for 3 days before touching or use gloves

  • We are very sad to say that we cannot accept any tea or biscuits for now

  • We will be sanitizing regularly and will wear appropriate face coverings, including full face FFP3 mask. While we will try our best to minimise contact with surfaces within the household, we still recommend you carry out additional sanitising to your satisfaction


Before Coronavirus we always operated with strict regard to safety procedures which protect us as well as you and your property. We will continue to use appropriate sheeting to protect floors and carpets and proper P3 dust mask and gloves for every job as standard. We have now completed an Infection Control and Prevention training course.


If you have any concerns or questions, please do contact us

0775 4083 919

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